Who does the photographing?
Myself (Jason) and my lovely wife Hannah. We usually prefer to work together, but if you hire just one photographer, I’m the one who’ll be doing the shooting. When Hannah is unavailable, we have several second shooters we regularly work with.

How many hours of coverage do we get?
For weddings, that depends on the package or number of hours you purchase. For other sessions, like family photos, we typically spend 1-2 hours with clients, though it varies based on what's best for each client. We're great at helping folks figure out what'll work best for them, contact us if you'd like some help!

How many photos do we get?
There’s no guaranteed number for any particular wedding, but a 7-hour day with two photographers usually delivers around 1,000 final images. We try to shoot a great deal in way of relationships and details, and deliver as much of that as we can.

Do you edit the photos? Is that included in the pricing?
We always edit the photos and that’s always included in the pricing. That includes minor blemish touch-up. That said, more intense work might require a fee of $50 / hour. Removing ex-boyfriends from family photos is really time consuming.

How long before I get to see the photos?
Wedding photos are 4-8 weeks before you can see them online, and then another 1-3 weeks until you have the physical media (USB) in your hands. For most everything else, it’s 1-4 weeks.

How far will you travel?
As far as you like! We've shot as far north as Anchorage, Alaska, and as far south as San Diego, California. We try to keep travel fees low and will travel 100 miles (round trip) free for a wedding.

How many weddings do you shoot in a single day?
Only one. Wedding days require considerable flexibility, so once a wedding is booked on a specific day, we won’t schedule any other shoots or meetings on that day.

What happens if you get sick or hurt right before my wedding?
We’ll do everything within our power to secure another photographer of comparable skill and style, for the amount of money that you paid us, delivering the agreed upon product. (Albums, prints, etc). If we’re unable to do that, you’ll receive a full refund.

We do have colleagues and contacts to call up in cases like this, so we should be able to make sure you’re covered.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes. We are a licensed Washington State business, and we have both insurance for our equipment as well as general liability insurance in case of accidents on the job.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We shoot using full-frame Canon cameras, and a variety of zoom / prime lenses along with Canon 600EX-RT speedlites. We’re set up particularly well for low-light scenarios and portraiture.

How long have you been a photographer?
I shot my first wedding in 2009 for a friend after completing a BFA in Photography at Pacific Lutheran University. I opened Jason Comerford Photography in January of 2010. That said, I got hooked on Photography at the age of 12 in very embarrassing story you should definitely ask me about in person.

How would you describe your style?
On the wedding day, it’s very photojournalistic. We tend to stay out of the way and capture candid moments, though I do great with crowds and can give good, strong direction when needed (Think, family photos, formal photos, etc). I’m personally influenced by a very illustrative style as well, so if I get the chance, I like to capture moments that include a strong sense of the location. We’re good at getting posed portraiture (and happy to provide specific instructions at your particular level of comfort, I worked in a portrait studio for years), but a lot of what we emphasize is relationship and moment. Couples are cuter when they’re focused on each other, not me. Even the shy couples have reported enjoying working with us!

Check out our blog for some more samples and you’ll see what I mean.

How do we book you?
For weddings, we like to meet folks in person first and discuss their goals. We’ll help design a sample schedule (if you don’t have one) and give a recommendation on how we can best aid in achieving your goals. The meeting is also a good chance to, y’know, make sure we’d actually enjoy working together. That’s kind of important!

If you DO decide to book us, there’s a 50%, non-refundable retainer due at the contract signing. If you need more time to decide, we’ll hold your date for 7 days after our initial meeting, no commitment required.

Do you shoot video?
Yes and no. We do not shoot video for weddings specifically. It’s something we considered for a time (even tried), but we’ve concluded that we can’t maintain the level of quality we want while shooting both photo and video. We’re happy to recommend two of our favorite wedding videographers though!

Shane Faye
Amanda Kolstedt

That said, we do shoot video for real estate and other small business purposes, including video blogs and other promotional productions! We've also done Kickstarters for small, local artists and regularly shoot announcement videos for a local non-profit.

Are there any additional fees on top of your posted prices?
Sales tax only, or (as mentioned above) any additional very heavy editing requests.