Who are Jason and Hannah Comerford?

Short version: A photographer fell in love with a writer and they made a business together. They haven't starved yet. Hooray!

Long version: We both went to college at Pacific Lutheran University. Jason studied Photography, Hannah studied English. (Our majors were a bit more complicated than that, but that’s close enough.)

We fell in love.

We married in 2011. Then, like many married artists, we decided to take a big risk: we decided to make our art our full-time jobs. And we survived! We survived with the help of countless cups of tea and way too much coffee; hours of Doctor Who, Jars of Clay albums, Lord of the Rings soundtracks, a cozy home office, and a few too many board games. We’ve survived working together and starting a small business, and we love it.

We shoot weddings up and down the west coast, with Washington as our home base. We love rainy Seattle days, but travel all over. We've spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, too. We can't wait to go back to Anchorage!

Our philosophy and approach to portraits consists of three things: Creativity, Collaboration, and Comfort.

Creativity. We like creating. We don’t like cookie-cutter portrait sessions, because we know that you’re not a cookie-cutter individual or family. That’s why we tailor each of our sessions to fit our clients. You want to drive out to your grandma’s farm in the middle of nowhere? Let’s do it! You need a fun headshot for your novel, and you need it quick? Let’s work it out. You want to include light sabers in your engagement photos? We might not sleep from pure excitement.
Collaboration. Talk to us. We want to know what you like! We’ll email, meet over coffee, Skype—whatever we need to do to understand your vision, or even help you develop it. Then we’ll take it and run with it.
Comfort. The best portraits come when you’re comfortable. In our experience, that comes from having enough time to never feel rushed. That’s especially helpful for families with young kids. They’ll do a lot better when they have time for nursing, snacking, running around like crazy, etc. We also have a lot of experience working with the camera shy, and we'll do our best to make your session an enjoyable experience!